AAOHN 2017 Annual Conference

604 - Frontline Prevention of System Induced Disability

Apr 27, 2017 8:00am ‐ Apr 27, 2017 9:30am

Credits: None available.

Standard: $50.00


System induced disability (SID) is a condition that occupational health nurses are in the best position to prevent. According to the CDC, disability is likely to increase three times faster than the risk of having heart disease, having a stroke or developing cancer. Disability results in a decrease in standard of living and costs Americans $400 billion dollars each year. One in four women have a disability, while three in ten non-hispanic blacks have a disability. The unique positions of OHNs allows us to immediately impact the future of the injured worker. This session will give you the tools to recognize when SID may be occurring, avoid promoting SID, treat an active case of SID and – best of all – prevent SID.

  • Identify how OHNs can contribute to the causation or prevention of SID.
  • Identify five early warning signals that SID is developing.
  • Identify five ways to pro-actively intercept and prevent the development of SID in employees.



  • 1.50 - CNE

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